Safe and Reliable Diagnostics (Pet Wellness)

Diagnostics are an important part of any comprehensive exam when your pet has health concerns that cannot be observed from the outside. Many illnesses and injuries are hidden and can only be detected by utilizing one or more diagnostic tools. At VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center in Fishers, we offer advanced testing and state-of-the-art X-ray and ultrasound imaging to help our veterinary team make the most accurate and efficient diagnosis for each patient.

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In-House Laboratory Testing

With our in-house diagnostic laboratory, we can run a variety of important tests to evaluate your pet's blood values and organ function and screen for parasites. Changes in certain values can alert us to a problem, for which we can then work to find the best treatment.

We can test for heartworm disease, Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, and signs of infection, to name a few. For complex tests that do not require fast results, we send blood, urine, fecal and biopsy samples out to specialists for analysis.

Digital Radiography

In addition to lab tests, we also offer advanced digital radiography (X-ray) for our patients. X-ray is an essential diagnostic tool that provides visualizations of your pet's bones, connective tissues, and organs. The X-ray procedure is non-invasive and pain-free, and may not require sedation for your pet.

With X-ray, we can detect bone fractures and deformities, foreign objects in the GI tract, heart problems, tumors, and other abnormalities.


Ultrasound is also a non-invasive, painless imaging procedure that enables us to evaluate your pet's internal organs in detail. Our cutting-edge ultrasound machine uses soundwave echoes to create moving, real-time images of the soft tissue organs. We can detect tumors, cysts, fluid in the abdomen, pregnancies, and much more using this technology.

Does Your Pet Need a Diagnostic Exam?

Our diagnostic capabilities enable us to conduct more thorough exams of our patients and find answers to difficult questions. If your pet has been experiencing an ongoing illness or is showing signs of injury with no clear cause, contact us right away or bring your pet in to see us today.